As member of the IBConsole team I publish on this page releases of IBConsole for Linux.

The current release support InterBase XE Update 3.

Linux (

IBConsole 2010 for MS Windows is included in the official distribution of InterBase XE.
The latest version is included in Update 2 for Windows on the registered users page.
Previous versions of IBConsole for MS Windows are still available from the archive (see below).

Revision history beta releases.

IBConsole Desktop Launcher: helper program for desktop editions.

Important note:
The releases of IBConsole with version and above ship with the client of Interbase 2007 because this client is needed to support the new features of Interbase 2007. Be aware that this client might under certain circumstances causes crashes of Interbase servers with a version prior to 7.5. If you don't have any Interbase 2007 server around, you better not use the gds32 included in the zip (tar) file, but use a gds32 of IB7.5 or earlier instead.
Starting with version (IB2007 SP2) this problem is fixed.

Previous beta releases of IBConsole Documents about IBConsole