Revision history beta releases: Added autodetecting servers and monitoring servers.
Added integration of IB Server Manager.
Added description for database, indices and fields.
Added array support.
Fixed some bugs. Fixed a bug in changing Server Properties.
Fixed several bugs in Log Visualization of Performance Monitor. Improved bringing up various editors in Data grid of ObjectWindow now using double click instead of ellipses button. Fixed a bug in connecting to a InterBase XE server which caused a crash. Added support for InterBase XE including strong password. Added support for import op fixed format textfiles.
Fixed a lot of cosmetic bugs. Enhanced the statusbar now showing a lock picture when the connection is secure.
Fixed some cosmetic bugs Added support for backup and restore of encrypted databases. Added support for InterBase 2009 including encryption and secure communication (OTW encryption). Fixed the bug regarding displaying Views reported by Eric ten Westenend. Fixed a bug in the save output of SQL window. Fixed a bug in the save output of SQL window when a parameterized query is used. Fixed a bug reported by Tom Greenway(not moving the settingsfile when migrating from a version previous to 8.1 on Windows Vista).
Extended SQL window menu with a Stored Procedures option.
Updated the IBConsole helpfile. Fixed a bug in Datatype Editor (displaying Numeric types).
Fixed a bug in Procedure and Trigger Editor (incorrect ":" prefix when dragging table or fieldname).
Fixed a bug in the base class of the visual editors causing the Actionlist not working correct on MS Windows.
Fixed a bug in Main Window reported by Bill Todd (Remove database greyed out when not connected to the server). Fixed a bug in the OnLineDump and Backup- and Restore dialogs to recognize remote filenames.
Fixed a bug in displaying properties of Views in Object Window.
Standarized the captions of Save Alias Information checkboxes. Enhanced the support for displaying data of Views in Object Window.
Extended the selection of an index in the datagrid of Object Window with the possibility of selecting a free order of data. Fixed a bug causing a small memory leak when displaying graphic blob data.
Added "Tabletype" (Persistent or Temporary) to objectlist of tables in main window.
Extended the visual table editor to make it possible to create Global Temporary Tables.
Enhanced the visual trigger editor to create tiggers on views.
Made metadata for triggers on views visual in the Object Window.
Added support for updatable views to the Object Window. Removed the "Use DBalias checkboxes" for Desktop Editions.
Fixed a bug in the mouse control of Backup and Restore dialogs.
Enhanced alias support by keeping track of the SYSDBA password.
To reduce the security risk of this change the settingsfile of IBConsole is moved to the users ApplicationData.
If you want to know more about the implementation of alias support in IBConsole read Using Aliases in IBConsole (Acrobat reader required). Fixed a bug in importing data of csv-files which occured when the users regional settings differs from the native settings of IB.
Fixed a cosmetic bug in procedure and trigger editors.
Added the possibility of copying data from one table to another. Fixed a bug in the Importdata dialog (IBConsole incorrectly changed the names of the table and source fields when pressing the == button).
Added support for csv-files that have colnames and colvalues doublequoted.
Extended the functionality of DB Copy with copying a database to other servers.
Enhanced DB Alias support with the possibility of using the DB Alias for connections and services. Fixed a bug reported by Dan Paley, that caused to display incorrect information about foreign keys in the table editor when the table has more then one foreign key. Fixed a bug causing IBConsole to crash when the IBConsole.xml got corrupted.
IBConsole will now rename the file and create a new one with default settings.
Reenabled the possibility of having more then one WISQL window connected to the same database.
It should be noticed that each WISQL window counts for a database connection. Fixed a bug in the WISQL window reported by Brent Rose causing IBConsole to crash when a select statement returns no plan.
IBConsole now refreshes main window when a script in WISQL window creates or drops metadata. Fixed a cosmetic bug in the DB register dialog.
Improved detection of Desktop Editions under Vista(Windows only). Made a workaround to display the correct number of Page Buffers in Database Properties.
Fixed a bug in main window not showing disconnect option for database (Linux only).
Improved detection of Desktop Editions (Windows only). Added Activate Indexes option to main window.
Fixed a bug in refreshing main window when index state changes.
Fixed a bug in Graphic Blob display of GIF images.
Fixed a bug in Datatype Editor and gived it a facelift. Replace Add Server dialog with a Wizard.
Made IB2007 SP2 features available for Linux. Official release of IB2007 SP2(MSWindows only)
Synchronized the version number with IB
Implemented new IB2007 SP2 features (preallocate for Create Database and Create Journal and the DESCRIPTOR parameter for functions)
Added support for .chm helpfiles.
Changed "Licensing Manager" to "License Manager" in the Main window menu.(QC241772)
Corrected "Empty table" prompt in Object window.(QC249653)
Repaired New Connection/Connect as option.(QC198892)
Removed Webhelp from IBConsole helpinterface (QC246467)
Removed autodetecting of local instances. Improved the thread code of WISQL window.
Patched DevExpress library to make IBConsole run on win2k again. Fixed some bugs in the thread code of WISQL window.
Replace the Read Only option for transaction in WISQL window with an Options dialog. Fixed a bug in Query Wizard.
Fixed a ctrl-mouse bug in WISQL window.
Added a Read Only option for transaction in WISQL window.
Added a Cancel Query option to WISQL window (Windows version only). Redesigned Query Wizard to make it more user friendly.
Added browse button to CreateJournal dialog.
Fixed a bug in WISQL window. Made executing of script in SQL-window running on a separate thread.
Fixed a bug in the status display of number of objects in Main window.
Fixed a bug in sorting the servers in de Console tree in Linux-version. Added support for Vista.
Added Copy Database function
Fixed a bug in adding a remote server to the tree.
Improved "Set Statistics" report.
Added highlights to all listviews of Objectwindow. Eliminated a lot useless Refreshes in the Main form. Added Set Statistics to the contextmenu for Indices on the main form.
Fixed a bug in the logic for server connection for Database maintenance. Added a speedbutton to Create DB dialog for browsing a path (and filename).
Added an Import databases option to the Databases contextmenu.
Only available when there are no databases registered and there are aliases stored on the server.
Fixed a bug in the "prompt for database password" logic, which is only meaningfull with EUA databases.
Simplified a lot of things by hiding options for unauthorized users. Added Execute Selection to Query menu in WISQL.
Fixed a bug in Data importer.
Fixed some EUA related cosmetic errors. Added Execute Selection to WISQL.
Fixed a bug in ParamValues dialog.
Fixed bugs in QueryWizard.
Added Show Database Aliases to Connected Server.
Fixed a bug in registering aliases.
Fixed a bug in retrieving Page buffer count in DB Properties dialog.
Corrected tab order in Create Database dialog. Fixed a bug in Create Journal dialog
Fixed a bug in detecting version causing the Journal options to dissapear under certain circumstances.
Fixed "Can not focus disabled window" error in Restore dialog. Fixed a bug in visual editors causing application to hang on shutdown when a visible editor was dismissed with the Close (X) button.
Added reason for refusing record to error logfile of Data importer.
Added gen_id function to Trigger editor among with a dropdownlist of generators.
Fixed some cosmetic errors in the Linux version. Repaired incorrect mouse behavior in several Option dialogs.
Improved Data importer in Object window. It now skips readonly (computed by) fields.
Improved error recovery so the Data importer continues on errors.
Refused records now are logged into an error logfile. Improved parameterized queries in SQL window with NULL option.
Corrected the misbehavior of the Error tab in SQL window. Implemented parameterized queries in SQL window.
Added TAB-key support to several Option dialogs. Fixed some bugs in ObjectWindow
Enlarged status bar panel in SQL window. Fixed bug "No Search Engine" in SQL window and other editors.
Added "Replace" dialog to SQL window and Procedure and Trigger Editors.
Added shortcut keys for Commit (F9) and Rollback (F12) to SQL window. Fixed bug in Table Editor. Fixed bug in Communication Dialog.
Made highlight in table properties tab of Object window visible on focus lost. Update the help file.
Fixed a bug in displaying help on Linux.
Made little improvements to the SQL window.
Added the Shell integration in the MS Windows version to the Preferences.
Users now explicite have to choose for this feature. More improvements for new users.
IBConsole now searches for local servers on it's first run.
Added "default" buttons to Logon and Connect dialogs to supply the default credentials(SYSDBA/masterkey).
Fixed the "Invalid Typecast" bug reported by Loren Szendre.
Made some improvements to the Backup and Restore dialogs.
Implemented Shell integration in the MS Windows version as suggested by Magnus Flysjv. Read more... Implemented a Query Wizard in SQL-window
Improved SQL-window with automatic newline feature for better readability
Table listbox now depends on "Show System Data" option.
Restore dialog now selects automatic the server when there is only one server present. Implemented more user friendly SQL-window.
See Using SQL Window for a brief explanation. Official release for Interbase 2007. Implemented support for launching Licensing Manager Alter Journal command replaced with Show Journal command*.
Implemented the Journal Archive commands Improved error recovery when the server crashes.
Fixed an error in detecting local installations in the Linux version. Added "Preferences" to the Tools Menu to make it possible to override the default browser. Updated Splash and Info screen.
Fixed some Linux related errors. Updated helpfile.
Enhanced Memo display to support import and export.
Extended SQL Options with "No Savepoint" option.
Fixed some cosmetic errors. Changed terms "Register" and "Unregister" in "Add" and "Remove".
Added support for UTF-8 character set.
Added support for CREATE, ALTER* and DROP JOURNAL. (MS Windows only).
Enhanced support for Desktop editions.
IBConsole now can connect to databases of Desktop editions without setting the INTERBASE variable.
Fixed a cosmetic bug in SQL Window. Fixed a bug in Restore dialog.
Fixed bug closing table in ObjectWindow when creating SQL Window.
Auto adjust objectlist dropdownbox in ObjectWindow.
Changed logon behavior for Backup, Restore, Validation etc on EUA-enabled databases. Fixed a bug in show connected users for a database when EUA-user is logged in. More improvements regarding EUA.
Blob display now supports unrecognized data with a hexadecimal dump display. IBConsole now store it's settings in a private xml file, so each instance of IBConsole can has his own settings. Read more about reusing your current settings.
A lot of changes where made to make IBConsole more user friendly for EUA users. Read more about the changes. Several bugs regarding EUA fixed. Graphics for displaying Blob fields enhanced with TIFF files. See graphics for more details.
Bug fix in mousewheel support for tabledata display.
Improvement of default values for inserting a row in tabledata with translating of date and time constants (today, now and current_date are supported).
Version detection now language independent. Enhanced graphics for displaying Blob fields. See graphics for more details.
Improved mousewheel support in tabledata display.
Default values are now assigned automatic when inserting a row in tabledata. Bug fix changing primary key constraintname. More fixes in copy a table from one database to another. Bug fix copy a table from one database to another. Bug fix copy blob data when copying a table from one database to another. Bug fix copy trigger from one database to another.
Fix of broken symbolic links Linux installation. Implementation DB Aliasing. Implementation Performance Monitoring on Linux.

*Note: The Show Journal option currently uses the statistical service to retrieve some of the settings. You will be prompted for server credentials when you are not logged on to the server.

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